Social networking is becoming a way of life if you are going to build a successful business on the Internet.  Social networking has been quickly gaining momentum as one of the tools of choice for getting yourself established on the Internet and promoting your online business.

With the increased use of social networking as a tool for communication and business, search engines have jumped on the bandwagon and are beginning to index social networking posts and tweets as well as video content from video marketing sites such as YouTube.

In addition to using all of the necessary SEO techniques to increase organic traffic to your website, you must also integrate SEO with the social networking content that you use to promote yourself and your online business.

The Future of Social Media SEO

A few months ago Google reached an agreement with Twitter to display tweets from Twitter users in the search engine results instead of just a profile. This agreement represents a significant stride in the importance of social networking for promoting high-quality content that is related to your area of expertise.

Twitter only allows 140 characters however there is a lot of power behind a tweet if you know how to leverage it effectively for SEO. If this agreement was reached with Twitter what this says for other social networking sites is that they will most likely follow the trend of using SEO to get posts indexed with Google and other search engines.

The search engines have already started recognizing video content so it only stands to reason that social networking will be the wave of the future for getting your content found in the search engine results.

Using SEO with Social Networking

So what do you have to do to jump on the wave with social networking SEO?  Well, the answer is quite simple because all you need to do is follow the SEO strategies that you use for your website and blog.

This includes using keywords strategically in your social networking posts and tweets and establishing yourself as a brand across the social network on the Internet.

In addition, to understanding SEO, it is also important to set up a framework of strategies like you do when you establish your website or blog.

An SEO social media strategy includes knowing your audience, establishing objectives for reaching your audience, coming up with a strategy, and then choosing the social networking tools that you will need to accomplish the goal.

This means including a social media SEO strategy in your business and marketing plan. The strategy should contain a keyword focus that will integrate well with all of the social networking and video marketing sites you will use as tools for reaching your online audience and establishing your brand.

By optimizing your social media content you will attract a wider audience via search engines and other Internet venues that attract a lot of organic traffic.

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