Now that monsoons have arrived one must take care of the skin to prevent allergies that are caused due to changes in water, overflowing water, and due to rain.

So, some of the tips can be followed to make your skin look good and healthy and prevent allergies.

Tips for skin care in the rainy season:

  • Wash the skin with cleansers additionally to soaps.
  • Cleansers help in washing the skin from deep within the skin.
  • Cleansers containing radical acids clean the skin from deep within and keep the skin recent. So these cleansers should be used at least once daily.
  • We feel that we need to use sunscreen lotions only during the summer season, but we can also use these sunscreen lotions during the rainy season for protecting the skin from the sun rays and to prevent skin tanning.
  • Oatmealal can be added to the milk and applied to the face. Wash the face with lukewarm water when ten minutes. The skin appearance is smart.
  •  Orange paste may be applied on the face and washed with water when drying. If this is done twice a week, the skin becomes glowing, soft, and beautiful.
  • Take a few pieces of ice and cover them in a thick cloth. Rub the face with this thick cloth so that the sebaceous glands get contracted and the face becomes oil-free.
  • Add honey and lime juice to the white part of the egg. Apply this paste to the face and wash the face after 15 minutes with lukewarm water. After that sprinkle cold water on the face and wipe the face with a sleek artifact. The top tips, if followed helps keep your skin stunning in season.

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