If you do not have good education or you want to have a family-run business, you can choose to start a courier business. You can start a courier business on your own or you can consider taking a franchise. A franchise option would be a better option so that you need not require a big set-up to start such a business.

What parcels do you want to the deliver franchise:

You need to choose whether you want to deliver small packages or envelopes only or whether you want to choose large cargo services delivery too. There are several other services like sensitive cargoes, medical and chemicals cargo deliveries, perishable goods delivery, etc. Based on the services, your overall business set-up would depend. Large cargo services would give good earnings.

Scope of your services:

 You need to select whether you want to cater to domestic or international services. If you select the Franchise method, you need not worry as a major courier f would cater services across the globe. You would require less investment if you select the franchise method and you can increase the scope of your services internationally.

Price chart:

If you are doing your courier servicing, you may need to fix the price chart on your own. It would depend on the distance. On the other side, if you opt for Franchise, they would provide an indicative price chart.


 Chose a location that is near to offices or which is reachable to the general public.

Tie-up with small businesses or companies:

You can tie up with small businesses or companies to deliver the envelopes and cargo services to them.

Final thought:

Don’t expect that you can make decent money out of this courier business service. Starting a courier business would provide normal revenues over some time. This would be a good part-time business that wants to spend a few hours in a day especially in the second half of the day to earn some money.

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