As everyone is talking about to start own business but they don’t know where to start or invest their money to receive/generate more income. That’s why we bring a short article where you’ll get an idea to start your own business.

1. Food catering service: 

If you can prepare food items, you can think of starting a food catering service. It does not mean you need to cook the food, but if you know cooking, it is easy to know the taste of the customers.

2. Computer Training Institute:

If you know computers and are passionate about teaching, you can start a computer training institute. It would cost only for computers and furniture.

3. Yoga Centre:

Have you observed individuals working in IT and MNC companies who are under stress? They would like to relax and come out of stress. You can conduct yoga classes during morning or evening classes.

4. Baby care center:

 If you love children, you can open a baby care center. You can either open this at your home or lease a place that is convenient and quiet. Providing better facilities can help you to grow your business.

5. Real Estate Consultant:

Real estate is ever growing business so starting consultancy for guiding real estate and buy, sell, and rent options is a good business option.

6. Advertisement Agency:

Advertisement is one of the businesses which has been growing for years. You can try this advertising business opportunity with a low investment.

7. Photographer:

If you are good at taking photos and have some creativity around them, you can start this business with a low investment.

8. Training programs:

 If you are a good motivational speaker, you can conduct several training programs to motivate corporate employees.

9. Travel Agency:

If you like to explore different places, you can try this travel agency business opportunity which can be started with a low investment.

10. Courier agency: 

You can select a busy street and open a courier business. This would help you to get quick bucks by the end of the day.

11. Recruitment Firm:

If you have good contacts among friends and if you can figure out your friends’ strengths and weaknesses, starting a recruitment firm could be a good business option for you.

12. Start a blog: 

If you are good at writing and have patience, you can start a website or blog and make money. You can start this as little as USD 100 / Rs 6,000 per annum and with your effort, you can make money. This is one of the good small business ideas that loves writing.

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